Music Production and Sound Design

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What we do

⇐ Professional music composition
    and sound design
    for all your games, trailers,
    commercial campaigns and
    virtually everything else ...

⇐ Stereo and surround sound formats

⇐ Use of professional solo musicians
    or orchestra if required

⇐ All music styles covered from
    “orchestral” to “modern high gain”

Audio Production

⇐ Nuendo 6.5 & Wavelab 8.5
based production

⇐ Blue Sky Speaker System

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Nugel Bros. Music, founded by
brothers Henning and Ingo Nugel,
provides original music composition
and sound design for
any kind of media.

Situated in the outskirts of Potsdam near Berlin Nugel Bros. Music offers over 12 years of professional game industry experience working for major publishers and developers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Blue Byte and Funatics.

Successful game titles like “The Settlers II – 10th Anniversary Edition” (PC), “Endwar” (PSP and NDS) or Darkstar One (PC/Xbox) are part of our portfolio as well as the audio design for the multiple award winning AUDI R8 online campaign.

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Orchestral themes for Gamestar Galas 2010 and 2011 in Munich  (IDG-Magazine GmbH)

EA Sports

Gerald Köhler, Lead Designer, EA Sports:

“Everything worked like clockwork. The music tracks were delivered on schedule, all our requests were satisfied completely and most importantly: our gamers were highly pleased with the quality.”


Thomas Friedmann, CEO, Funatics:

“The Nugel Bros. certainly rank among the finest and most versatile sound artists in Europe. They perfectly know how to acoustically enhance the atmosphere and excitement of the game, so that the player gets completely immersed into the game for hours on end. Furthermore through our long lasting business collaboration we learned to appreciate their professional and reliable working style, which they proved again on “The Settlers II” - The next generation.”

Argonauten G2

Oliver Hinrichs,

Senior Art Director, Argonauten G2:

“Working together with the Nugel Bros. was not only breathtakingly fast and professional, we also had a great time. There are not many music studios showing that much understanding and sensitivity regarding the needs of an agency - and most of all - its customer. Our initial positive impression was definitely confirmed during our collarboration, so that we sincerely recommend the Nugel Bros. for further projects.”

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Manuel Macha,

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore:

“With their music and sfx the Nugel Brothers have created an amazingly dense atmosphere which immerses the audience into the action and keeps them riveted to the last second. Apart from their professional abilities as musicians it is their enthusiasm, the uncomplicated collaboration and the absolute reliability which makes it a pleasure to work with them.”

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and many more happy customers ...

Settlers II

10th Anniversary Edition (Funatics/Ubisoft)

Gamestar: “Sound 9/10: Atmospheric effects, fitting music”

PC-Spielemagazin.de: „Sound 82%“

Gbase.ch: “[...]a pleasant sound setting with clean effects and atmospheric music [...]”

X-Sine.de: “Sound good [...] the music succeeds in the typical Settlers style [...]”

Gamershall.de: “Sound 8/10 [...] music is always fitting and provides the proper atmosphere [...]”

Darkstar One

DARKSTAR ONE (Funatics/Ubisoft)

Gbase.de: "[...] The impressive graphics are greatly enhanced by the perfect acoustic enviroment. Without a doubt the most important acoustical feature is the dynamically changing, top of the hill soundtrack, which - big praise to the composers - could have been taken directly from a Hollywood movie."

Gamezone.de: "[...] One of Darkstar's biggest features is the whole acoustic environment immersing you into the game's world. The outstanding music underscores the atmosphere perfectly and adjusts itself dynamically according to the game action.

Gamestar: "[...] The sound is bombastic. Additionally there are different orchestral cues to make you aware of hostiles in your vicinity […]" Sound 9 of 10

PC Action: "[...] A 90 minute soundtrack of the finest kind [...]” Sound 88%

PC Games: "[...] The sound rules! […]"